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Stay fit during pregnancy while preparing for the changes that occur in your body during each trimester. This 3 hour session is open to both expectant moms and their partners at any stage of pregnancy. Leona will teach you how to stay fit, maintain an active pelvic floor, sustain or improve your endurance for the delivery, address aches and pains commonly felt during pregnancy, go through delivery positions helpful for preventing pelvic floor dysfunction and address proper care of your pelvic floor after the delivery.

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Pelvic Floor Classes

Did you know that your Diaphragm forms the roof of your CORE and your Pelvic Floor Muscles form the floor? Everyone is born with a natural diaphragm and pelvic floor rhythm. Stress, pregnancy, childbirth, surgeries, infections and many other illnesses, injuries or diseases can disrupt this rhythm. This disruption will influence the strength of the CORE. Finishline Physiotherapy has developed pelvic floor classes that teach you how to reboot your CORE.

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Pelvic Floor Workshops

Ever wonder how you can work out your pelvic floor and CORE during your exercise class? During this session, you will learn the anatomy of the CORE, how you can use your breath to influence your CORE and help detect if you are doing a pelvic floor contraction or “Kegel” properly.

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Women's Health Workshops

Do you have osteoporosis or osteopenia? Have you stopped working out because you are fearful of creating further damage? Leona Ham specializes in Women’s Health. During this session Leona will educate you on how a physiotherapist can safely get you back to exercising and eliminate the fear.

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Online Virtual Yoga Therapy Sessions

Research studies on the effect that Yoga practice, breath practice, mindfulness, and meditation can have on the relaxation or parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system are very promising. Over the next few weeks, I will be offering the following Free yoga sessions.

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