Tip 1:

Pooping is a skill that requires technique and patience.  How you position yourself on the toilet is important.  Anatomically, humans all have an anorectal angle and normal angle measurements can vary between 60 – 100 degrees (the link below has a picture of the anorectal angle).  When you squat to empty your bowel, this angle can decrease significantly, which can make evacuation much easier.   If you have seen the Squatty Potty advertising, you may know what I am trying to get at.  The one thing that is not emphasized in the Squatty Potty advertising is that when sitting on the toilet, the stool must be high enough so that your knees are higher than your hips. 

To see an image of the anorectal angle you can visit this image that was received at the following link on January 3, 2019.


Tip 2:

Pull your pants below your knees.  This allows the pelvic floor to relax better.

Tip 3:

Distractions and what is often referred to as multi-tasking haunts everyone, myself included.  Electronic devices have changed how we maintain healthy habits and in some cases, healthy activities are not be practiced in the healthiest way. Whether it is playing cards on the screen while you do the elliptical machine at the gym, or checking your emails while you poop, our technological devices are a device that can be very useful for many things but, is also a device of distraction.  Most humans are practicing multi-tasking all the time. Perhaps what we don’t realize that being present and mindful during these healthy activities is just as important as the task itself.  My friend and colleague Shelly Prosko will help you practice mindful toileting.

Here is a link to her youtube video on toileting, please give this 6 minute and 48-second video your full attention…be mindful while listening.


If you have followed all 3 of my Bowel Health blogs you may come to realize, by practicing healthy and mindful drinking, eating, and toileting you could live a much healthier life.  Habits are difficult to maintain. If you knew that by consistently completing these 3 mindful habits meant avoiding a lot of pain, emotions of uncertainty, frustration, embarrassment, and needing invasive tests that give you normals results, don’t you think it is worth it?

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy can help you get on the right path and help you determine what your normals for the 3 mindful habits are.  Book Now to see Leona Ham BSc. P.T,  Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and improve your Bowel health and habits.